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My name is Victoria Perez Saez, I am a 3rd year exchange student from Paris, studying at the University of Edinburgh Law School. Inspired by my Human Rights Honours course and driven by the idea that human rights issues are everyone’s concern and responsibility I wish to present to you this project which I believe involves everybody and touches very important aspects of our every day life.


This initiative represents an opportunity to hear citizens on what they consider to be the main proprieties regarding human rights in Scotland. You represent the views and aspirations of the local people living in Scotland, your feedback is thus fundamental for constructing the most suited implementation mechanisms and policies that would fulfill your expectations and needs.


The initiative aims to provide a substantive contribution to the efforts deployed by the Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC) in launching Scotland’s National Action Plan in the summer of 2013.


It is the Commission’s priority to obtain feedback from citizens on what the main Human Rights issues in Scotland and how they should be addressed (for more information see the Executive Summary Getting it right! Human rights in Scotland available at: )


Thus, this initiative seeks to encourage a close collaboration between the SHRC and the University of Edinburgh. By expressing your views you would be contributing to build a constructive and enabling environment where a broad range of students and faculty members from the University are supporting the SHRC National Action Plan.


Via this simple and straightforward Participation Form you will contribute to the accountability and monitoring of the process of implementation of human rights.


An Event at the University of Edinburgh on the 13th of March 2013 has been organized as a base for discussion and information on key human rights issues in the context of Scotland’s National Action Plan where Professor Alan Miller, President of the SHRC, and Professor Christine Bell from the University of Edinburgh will be the keynote speakers.


The event benefits from with the support of the Global Justice Academy, the University of Edinburgh and EUSA (the Edinburgh University Student Association).


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