New Blog Series: Rethinking Peace and Conflict Research in Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh’s research expertise on peace and conflict is growing fast, making it ever more important to connect and communicate across disciplinary lines. To this effect, a new blog series titled Rethinking Peace and Conflict Research in Edinburgh will foster exchange and make this ongoing research and its challenges more visible. Its aim is to build new interdisciplinary capacity and exchange around challenges and themes that connect experts working on peace and conflict across and beyond the University.  

This effort is underpinned by a strong existing infrastructure of academies, networks and projects that already harbour international expertise on peace, conflict and justice. This infrastructure includes the Global Development Academy (GDA), the Global Justice Academy (GJA), the Political Settlements Research Programme (PSRP), the Centre for the Study of Modern Conflict, the Centre for Security Research, as well as a growing number of research projects in the social and political sciences that explore dynamics of peace and conflict around the world.

Fostering diversity

The research landscape on peace and conflict in Edinburgh is unique in its diversity, spanning fields such as history, anthropology, politics, law, informatics and medicine. Issues in focus range from the challenges posed by political settlements to the health effects of sexual violence in war and the use of computer software in predicting conflicts.

The new blog series

This blog will run a series of posts over the coming months so that leading research on peace and conflict in Edinburgh becomes more visible and accessible.

The blog series will highlight the diversity of perspectives and pay tribute to the growing capacity of the University of Edinburgh to become one of the world’s leading research hubs for the study of peace and conflict.

Alongside appearing on our main blog roll, the series will be curated here, and accessible from the main blog menu.

At the heart of the series are critical questions about the inter-disciplinary field of Peace & Conflict Studies, such as:what can different disciplines learn from one another? How can research practice in conflict settings be better supported and how can risk be averted?

The series will also portray some of the ongoing exciting research projects to learn more about their insights and the obstacles they face, hoping to engender exchange and public discussion in Edinburgh and internationally.

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