‘Hungry?’: Introducing Keris Heading’s Photography

Each year, the Global Justice Academy runs a photography competition as part of Edinburgh College of Art’s MA Photography degree programme. The 2018 competition was run in conjunction with the ERC Greyzone Project and its Summer School, ‘Navigating the Grey Zone: Complicity, Resistance, and Solidarity’. This post is the first in a short series of three, where we introduce this year’s winners, their images, and the stories behind their submissions

Series Winner: Keris Heading, ‘Hungry?’.

Q: What inspired your competition entry?

Working in a supermarket, I noticed the vast amounts of food that is wasted and thrown away, which encouraged me to research more about the exact figures of food wastage in large countries like the UK and US. The figures were astonishing. World hunger is a concept many people, or perhaps everyone, is familiar with, but perhaps it is the injustice in the distribution and usage of food that needs more attention.

About Keris

Keris Heading was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1997. After having went through school in Belfast, she came to Edinburgh College of Art to study a bachelor’s degree in Photography in 2016. Working on various jobs on the side including event photography, shooting music gigs and festivals, shoots for online platforms, and collaborations with graphics and fashion design students.

Her mode of working has developed over the first part of her degree, heavily employing the use of Photoshop and editing software to transform her photography into new digital compositions. Layering photographs, drawings, and found images; achieving these images perhaps unattainable through conventional photography methods. Having previously focused a lot of her work in fashion design itself, she hopes to move her photography into the fashion and editorial market, aiming to produce work for magazines and online platforms. Working a lot with internet-based work, she wants to explore and encourage the crossover between Internet Art and the fashion industry in producing a more inspired and inclusive global fashion network.

Click here to view Keris’ winning photos on the Global Justice Academy Flickr account.